The freedom to discover great happiness.

Silence reigns at the AMONTI Chalet Resort in South Tyrol. Right next door, the pure desire to live the good life. Will you be joining us? 

It's like stepping into a world of its own. A realm of the extraordinary. Welcome to the AMONTI Chalet Resort. 

23 luxurious chalets and suites
First-class cuisine from award-winning chef Tina Marcelli
Private spa and alpine wellness treatments
Your front-row seat in South Tyrol’s Valle Aurina

Who are you when nobody is watching? Let’s find out. In a place that has been patiently awaiting your arrival. 

Remarkably versatile. Yet brimming with character and charm. Much like water. The AMONTI Chalets are a holiday haven that adapts to your needs, just as you desire: serene and tranquil. Effortlessly flowing or bubbling over with boundless joie de vivre. Here, you occupy a front-row seat in the South Tyrolean mountains, with the freedom to indulge in whatever your heart desires. And the concierge, gourmet restaurant and spa take care of the rest. 

Freedom to the power of 7

Allow us to introduce you to our chalets, lofts and suites? Offering all the amenities of a luxury hotel, you can enjoy privacy, discretion and endless freedom. Always included: your private spa, right within the chalet.

Top-notch cuisine and down-to-earth specialities

What are your taste buds yearning for? We’re willing to wager our finest wine that the JOHANNS team will delight you – with South Tyrolean soul food and exquisite creations of contemporary Alpine cuisine.

One valley. A thousand ideas. 

Prefer to put your feet up or explore the great outdoors? Anything is possible. Quite literally. But you can also opt for transportation: by e-bike, mountain railway, horse-drawn carriage or the Regiobus, which takes you to the most scenic spots free of charge.

Wonderfully wonderful

Why not let your inner radiance outshine everything else? Do yourself some good. Indulge in the luxury of having the world revolve around you for a while. With saunas, pools, massage, cosmetics and plenty of peace and quiet.

If you seek to transform a place of yearning into a home from home, your journey will lead you straight to the heart of the Valle Aurina. 

It's probably true. Here, above Molini, lies one of the most breathtaking locations in the entire valley. Here, the eye can wander far and wide and the setting couldn’t be more ideal. Perfect for all things fun and enjoyable. For some, this might entail scaling three-thousand metre peaks and navigating wild rivers. Others may prefer delving deep into the cultural treasure trove of fascinating traditions and journeying back in time. In other words, the Valle Aurina never fails to surprise with its beauty and charm at every turn. 

Anyone in search of something extraordinary will soon find themselves in South Tyrol. With a stroke of luck, they may even find themselves in a home belonging to the Amonti family.