Here is space for all your dreams. Fall in love with life all over again. 

Nothing is as precious as your free time. Transform our Premium Chalets into the room of your dreams. What do you fancy doing today? Luxurious mountain loft. Enchanting chalet suite for moments of togetherness. Two-storey villa. The 23 AMONTI Chalets are hideaways with character. 

23 high-class chalets in South Tyrol
Wonderful retreat for couples & families
Award-winning chef Tina Marcelli cooks in the gourmet restaurant JOHANNS
Delicious breakfast served directly in your chalet 
Lunch menu, Sweet Tea Time, à la carte dinner
Private spa in the chalet & three-storey wellness house with pools and spa
Located in an incomparably beautiful setting on the edge of the forest
Adventure farm for the whole family
Villas with pool

Pool Villa

approx. 150 m²
from 829 € p.p. for 2-4 people
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Premium Villa

approx. 140 m²
from 489 € p.p. for 2-4 people
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Tree House Chalet

approx. 100 m²
fromo 499 € p.p. for 2 people
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Panorama Chalet

approx. 100 m²
from 399 € p.p. for 2-5 people
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Mountain Chalet

approx. 100 m²
from 369 € p.p. for 2-4 people
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Forest Chalet

approx. 90 m²
from 359 € p.p. for 2 people
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approx. 78 m²
from 309 € p.p. for 2 people
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As the door falls shut behind you, can you feel it? It's wonderfully quiet here. And now – make the AMONTI Chalet completely yours. Stretch out, feel yourself blossom.

Or retreat in peace and quiet. Why not do exactly as you please? We truly mean it, because now it's all about you. Our world revolves around your happiness and well-being. Everything you need is already here or will be swiftly provided. Mastering the art of blending the benefits of a first-class hotel with the privacy of a chalet is our speciality. Our friendly hosts excel at this with ease and discretion. This is how we define freedom. Would you care to join us on a tour of our Chalet Resort? There’s so much to discover. 

You can find even more information about your trip to us in South Tyrol here. We’ve put the most valuable gift for special people here