That's how glorious our mountain summer feels. 

On the sunny side of the valley. On the sunny side of life. That's how glorious our mountain summer feels. The mountain breeze is like a good friend, revitalising and refreshing your senses. And the sun, casting its golden glow through the lush green canopy, adds a touch of magic to your mornings. 

When you’re ready to embrace the day, simply step outside and let the joy of the Valle Aurina summer flood your soul.

From your chalet, you can venture into the mountains on your own or with an expert guide. Whether you’re a novice hiker or a seasoned adventurer, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy every step as you ascend to new heights, or opt for a scenic ride on the summer cable cars for an uplifting experience. 

For cyclists, the region is a diverse playground. Hire one of our top e-bikes and explore the numerous trails. If you prefer pedalling on flat terrain, the Valli di Tures e Aurina floor is right at your feet. 

The wild waters of the Valle Aurina promise both refreshment and excitement. Explore the beautiful mountain lakes, visit the legendary waterfalls or embark on a thrilling rafting adventure. Maybe you’d like to saddle up in a western saddle or take to the skies with paragliding? The possibilities are endless and a holiday never seems long enough. What a stroke of luck! Your next summer adventure awaits at the AMONTI Chalets, whether it’s your second, third or fourteenth visit. 


When the world is draped in pristine white, experience the serene bliss and vibrant joy of life. 


Welcome. To a treasure trove of history. To a realm of deep tradition. And the home of very special people.