A realm of experiences for those who can never get enough. Of nature and culture. Of the land and its people. 

The Valle Aurina is a mountain kingdom. Surrounded by more than 80 three-thousand metre peaks, this region is an adventure playground for active people. Ready for an adrenaline rush? Join us for some white-water rafting. 

What matters more than an area of 630 km2, 80 three-thousand metre peaks, 21 lifts, 86 kilometres of slopes. 850 km of hiking trails, 164 Alpine pastures or 50 kilometres of cross-country ski trails? It’s your happiness!

Go hiking and biking straight from your chalet
Four ski resorts for sports enthusiasts and families nearby
Guest Pass museumobil

They spiral upwards like bastions of eternity, reaching into the clouds. The Valle Aurina mountains create a backdrop for moments that will forever hold a special place in your soul. 

The valley of 80 three-thousand metre peaks is a pristine region with character. What can be said about the land also applies to its people. The Teldra, as the locals call themselves, have deep, strong roots in nature, tradition and the courage to dream far beyond the summits. Follow their lead and try something new. As a guest at the Amonti Chalet Resort, you’ll be given the Valle Aurina GuestPass. This grants you access to exclusive adventures, a curated sports and activity programme and the chance to create timeless memories. Discover the unexpected and dive deep into the multifaceted beauty of the Alps. 

The summit for Alpinists

What makes the Valle Aurina mountains so special? The paths and trails, the walls and peaks, and the breathtaking views from the top down into the valley. Even extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander, who still calls this place home, agrees.

Winter happiness on two boards

Are you looking for pure piste bliss? The AMONTI Chalet Resort is the perfect place for you. There are four excellent ski resorts nearby and the free ski bus takes you right from your chalet to the lift. 

Lucky ticket

Put everything on one card? That's a fantastic idea! With exclusive adventures, a diverse sports and leisure programme and complimentary use of public transport in South Tyrol, the new GuestPass museumobil is your ticket to holiday happiness. And the best part? It’s free for chalet guests!

Of knights, squires and mountain legends

Are you ready for extraordinary experiences? The Valle Aurina beckons you to journey back in time, venture deep into the heart of the mountain and connect with individuals who are living their dreams.

An exclusive hideaway just for you. Exquisite culinary delights. Profound  relaxation at the highest level. The Amonti Chalet Resort is redefining mountain holidays.