When time fades into insignificance, boundless realms of freedom await.  

Just be. It may sound simple, but the essence of presence is an art to mater. Step into your private spa with sauna and whirlpool, where every moment is enchanted with magic. Are you ready to give it a try?

Within each of our 23 AMONTI Chalets lies a haven of relaxation, featuring a private sauna and an outdoor whirlpool. Meanwhile, our three-storey spa house is a sanctuary dedicated to sauna culture, the art of massage and cutting-edge beauty treatments. 

Indoor and outdoor pool with mountain vistas
Spa with sauna and whirlpool in every chalet
Sauna world with steam bath in the spa tower
Curated treatments and massages

Everything you need for peace and freedom resides within you. Our chalets with private spa act as gateways to your innermost being, unlocking the treasures of your soul. 

Thinking. Doing. Achieving. We recognise your dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in all that matters to you. At the AMONTI Chalet Resort, your presence is enough. Here, only the present moment matters. The world stands still for you. And then, it begins to whirl once more, with your well-being at its core. Each of our 23 Premium Chalets comes equipped with a private spa, where you can unwind in solitude, indulging in a sauna session before sliding into your outdoor whirlpool to gaze at the mountains. Our spa tower, exclusively accessible to chalet guests, offers a realm of deep relaxation spanning three floors. Discover various saunas, indoor and outdoor pools, a Technogym fitness centre, magical retreats with panoramic vistas and, last but not least, the expertise of our well-being and beauty professionals. What are you waiting for? It's time to embrace the freedom of pure existence. 

Skin, hair and soul

What does beauty signify to you? At the Spa Tower, we celebrate the rich tapestry of human diversity, cherishing your uniqueness through meticulously curated treatments, gentle touches and transformative experiences.

23 times extraordinary.

May we show you the most picturesque sunny spot around? Nestled in the valley of 80 majestic peaks, our exclusive mountain chalets offer the ultimate blend of freedom and top-notch service akin to a 5-star hotel.

Love always goes through the stomach.

Are you craving life’s delights? Wonderful, because Tina Marcelli's dishes are a love affair waiting to happen. They capture the essence of the land and its people, blending tradition with dreams. At the AMONTI Chalets, Alpine cuisine meets the elegance of fine dining. 

Forever in your heart

Do you yearn for quiet moments of bliss or seeking grand adventures? In the Valle Aurina you can have both. Mountains brimming with possibilities await you, offering new paths for the curious and those hungry for life.