You can’t argue about South Tyrol’s good taste.

With breakfast served in your chalet, a fully-stocked fridge and coffee bar and the legendary Tina Marcelli cooking, only one question remains: Are you hungry? 

Holidays in the valley of culinary excellence. At the AMONTI Chalet Resort, award-winning chef Tina Marcelli & team will delight you in the new gourmet restaurant JOHANNS.  

Varied breakfast with in-chalet service
Fine brunch menu and delicious lunch dishes
Daily 4-course gourmet dinner by Tina Marcelli at JOHANNS

Treasures of Alpine cuisine and fine culinary delights from sunny climes. Exquisite soul food and a new temple of pleasure. We have so much to share about our culinary delights. Where do we start?

Everyone needs a passion, they say. If, like us, you have a weakness for really good food, we’ll understand each other perfectly. Our love for culinary delights, especially those from our home region, is boundless. On this page, we invite you to learn about the gourmet breakfast in your chalet, discover more about our restaurant JOHANNS, and meet our award-winning chef, Tina Marcelli. As a child of the Valle Aurina, she has cooked her way to the top with her exceptional culinary art. 

Gourmet breakfast in your chalet. Exquisite and tailored to your wishes. 

We set the table for you quietly and discreetly, with everything you chose the previous night. When you're ready to start your new day in paradise, all you have to do is take a seat and enjoy, surrounded by the peace and quiet of your AMONTI Chalet. The AMONTI gourmet breakfast is already included in the price and is served daily at the desired time.

JOHANNS Lunch Break and Tea Time

A treat for chalet guests and those wanting a light lunch with fantastic vistas: the JOHANNS team prepares small, delicious dishes from 12 noon until 2 pm. Don’t miss South Tyrolean soul food. Mediterranean flavours are also on the menu. At JOHANNS Tea Time, we serve freshly baked pastries from our patisserie and probably the best apple strudel in the entire Valle Aurina exclusively for our chalet guests. This sweet coffee break is already included in the chalet price.

Gourmet dinner at Restaurant JOHANNS in the Chalet Resort AMONTI

Firstly, we recommend booking a table in advance. Every evening, Tina Marcelli and her team create sensational dishes that are highly sought-after. The young culinary alchemist's creations are pure and refined, cosmopolitan yet deeply rooted in her homeland. No one translates the character of the Valle Aurina into flavours as precisely as Marcelli, a true 'Teldrarin' (as the valley's inhabitants are called). But why take our word for it? You have to experience this kitchen artist's creations for yourself. Besides our à la carte menu from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, you can also enjoy our daily changing ‘4-course gourmet menu’. Table sharing? May we reserve a table for you right away? 

How romantic! Delightfully relaxing. A private dinner at the AMONTI Chalet Resort.

Just you and your favourite people. And all the delicious flavours from JOHANN's kitchen. Allow us to pamper you with fine soups and salads, wonderful pasta, delicious dumplings or an exquisite steak served in your own chalet. Prepared à la minute just for you and served in South Tyrolean cast iron. We charge 25 euros per delivery for this Premium Chalet service. 

For passionate cooks: Premium Chalets with kitchenette

The Valle Aurina is a culinary treasure trove. On the meadows and fields of our mountain, farmers grow ingredients that truly deserve to be called food. Small-scale producers refine these regional treasures into authentic and flavourful products. That's why culinary enthusiasts will delight in shopping in the villages around the AMONTI Chalet Resort and experimenting with new recipes right in their chalet. Each of our 23 Premium Chalets comes equipped with a small kitchen. Additionally, we provide complimentary wake-up drinks for your coffee and tea bar and fill the fridge with refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. 

Clear waters. Pure air. Exquisite essences.

Private spa or treatment: What will it be today? Why not indulge in both. After all, you’re on holiday, the day is still young and our spa team awaits your arrival. 

Moments that last forever. 

Wild waters and high mountains as far as the eye can see. Are you ready? There are more than 80 peaks above 3,000 metres in the area. Countless waterfalls and torrents wind their way through the valley. Somewhere in between, you will find it – your personal happiness.

Freedom to the power of 23

Our chalets are extraordinary. Which one do you prefer? Inspired by the timeless beauty of Alpine building traditions, our 23 chalets blend organically into the landscape.