Welcome. To a treasure trove of history.

To a realm of deep tradition. And the home of very special people. Prepare to be enchanted, but let’s be upfront, there’s no easy way to say it, you’ll be coming back. Again and again. Because your time with us will never be enough to explore all the sights, favourite places, excursion destinations and attractions in Valle Aurina. 

Explore the majestic halls of Castel Tures and its breathtaking vistas, a destination worth revisiting. Our concierge team have unearthed countless hidden gems like the ‘Walburgstöckl’ church and the Talschlusshütte Hut in Casere. 

After all, they are all locals and know what you are probably going to like best. Fancy a visit to the climate gallery in the old mine, or a glimpse of the impressive Lago di Neves reservoir? And don’t miss a hike to the Cascate di Riva waterfalls followed by a taste of 'Goasroscht-Günther’s', finest goats cheese. 

Speaking of which, did you know that Campo Tures, the valley’s main town, proudly bears the title of 'Città del Formaggio' (Cheese Town)? This accolade owes much to a local delicacy: the grey cheese ‘Graukäse della Valle Aurina’, renowned for its spicy flavour. Our award-winning chef, Tina Marcelli, has a special connection with this cheese and would love to share its story with you in person. 


When the world is draped in pristine white, experience the serene bliss and vibrant joy of life. 


On the sunny side of the valley. On the sunny side of life. That's how glorious our mountain summer feels.