When dreams take their first steps, they eventually sprout wings.

A microcosm and yet a part of something greater. Our Chalet Resort is an integral part of the AMONTI family. Allow us to introduce you to your hosts. 

The history of the Stegers is intricately intertwined with the Valle Aurina. One cannot exist without the other. How marvellous it is when deep roots blossom into the most beautiful flowers. 

Think ahead. Go ahead. For it is those who blaze their own trails that pave the way for new opportunities. 

The Valle Aurina has always been exceptionally beautiful. Johann Steger understood this well. However, beauty alone doesn't put bread on the plate and so the young lad from the Niederlinderhof ventured out into the big, wide world. In Switzerland, Johann made his living as a woodworker. Ski tourism was already flourishing there. So why not bring that success to the mountains at home and build a ski lift to the Klausberg? The rest of this story has become legend and Johann Steger is hailed as a pioneer of Valle Aurina hospitality. And another remarkable man named Johann played a role in our ability to welcome you to our chalet resort in Valle Aurina. Johann Forer had the good fortune to wed the enchanting Agnes from the Obermairhof. The grandchildren of these two gentlemen are now your hosts at the AMONTI Chalet Resort. In the very place where Agnes once fell in love with her Johann. As a small token of appreciation for her contributions, our  gourmet restaurant  now bears her name – can you guess what it is? 

'I am free, because I am not at the mercy of a reality, I can shape it.' 

(Paul Watzlawick)

The world has indeed changed. Here in the Valle Aurina, too. What a stroke of luck! Otherwise, we might never have had the chance to meet you. 

Diligence, courage and perseverance transformed Johann Steger from a simple woodworker into a hotelier. This transformation didn’t happen overnight, because good things always take time. And here we are now. You and us. Guest and host. At the AMONTI Chalet Resort, the latest addition to the A&L family. Perhaps we’ve crossed paths before? Maybe at the Alpenschlössl in the past? Or more recently at the AMONTI&Lunaris wellness resort, the renowned 6,000 m² spa paradise? Even milestones like our chalets aim to grow. Piece by piece. Exceeding expectations. Not in the pursuit of 'higher-faster-further', but in the pursuit of excellence. We’re confident that this place is an exceptional nurturing environment for re-imagining holidays and embracing alpine hospitality. What springs to mind? What would make you even happier? Share your thoughts with us; here’s how to get in touch. 


More space for relaxation. More space for comfort. More time for what matters to you most. I am excited to present you with a variety of opportunities for relaxation at the AMONTI Chalet Resort. 


Nestled in the mountains, where the heart of our hospitality lies, we’ve created a special retreat just for you. The AMONTI Chalet Resort redefines standards. For magical moments of true relaxation, authentic encounters with nature and, most importantly, the luxury of privacy. 


As your host, I extend a heartfelt invitation to get to know the latest addition to the AMONTI family. I look forward to welcoming you in person. 

Herbert Steger